March 11, 2018

Northwest Side Irish Parade

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My name is Krisann Riley, and I am twenty-five years old.  I am currently enrolled in the nursing program at Dominican University.  I found my passion for nursing after I took care of my mother with terminal cancer for over a year. My mother was born in county Mayo, Ireland.  She took my sister and me back every year to visit our family and Nana.  Even though mom is no longer with us, I continue to go to Ireland to visit my mother's grave and see my 90 year old Nana whenever I can afford it.  I am very family oriented, so spending is a quality time with them is a priority of mine. I enjoy spending time with friends, because I believe laughter is the best form of medication.  In my spare time I mostly study for my nursing courses, but I know this will be worth it in the end! 

Shannon King

NWSI 14th Annual 2017

Queen's Court:

Beth Cunningham

Genevieve McHugh